Spring festival

Hi, I'm Saori and I'm from Japan.

I would like to share the culture and traditions of my country with you.

Today I would like to tell you about the spring festival.

Spring has arrived, a season that makes us want to leave the house.

and in this beautiful period the Japanese celebrate in temples.

The meaning of this holiday is to announce to God the beginning of cultivation and

pray that you can have a lot of harvests this year too.

But not only! 

During this period, during the spring festival, in Japan it is customary to go for a walk under the cherry trees, but also to have a picnic or an aperitif, which in Japan is called ohanami, because it is beautiful when the petals fall to the ground as if they were one

pink rain ...

And it is truly enchanting!

During the spring festival also many typical Japanese handicraft products are sold that are given away on this particular occasion.

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