Cotton Hand Towel With Maiko Motif

ハンドタオル 舞子


This towel is a small hand towel decorated with a Maiko motif.

You can enjoy the soft touch of the gauze and the soft absorbent fleece at the same time.

Size: 250mm x 250mm

Material: Cotton


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What is a Towel handkerchief ...?

In Japan, the Towel handkerchief, which is a small fleece washcloth, can be used to dry your hands and sweat when you go out, but it can also be used as a cover for plastic bottles to keep them from getting wet.

Towel handkerchief are generally around 15-35cm x 15-35cm and are thicker than regular cotton handkerchiefs.

They are a little smaller so as not to be too bulky to fold and carry around, but the towels absorb water very well and are very functional even at this size.


Maiko are the people (usually women) who are meant to entertain guests at banquets by singing, dancing, playing the shamisen (Japanese guitar) and many other arts. A Maiko (usually between 15-20 years old) is an apprentice in training, who once she has the necessary experience will become a Geiko.

During this time they learn Japanese dance, tea ceremony, kimono dressing, flower arrangement, etiquette and all traditions.

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