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Furoshiki Cochae "Kikko Ni Monzukushi" Cotton Fabric

風呂敷 コチャエ 亀甲に紋づくし

Furoshiki fabric "kikko ni monzukushi" in Japanese cotton with multiple utilities.


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Playful Kochae Furoshiki "kikko ni monzukushi"!

Cotton fabric that can be used for wrapping gifts, making bags and much more.

This time, the 70cm furoshiki has been revamped and is back! Although the number of colors is small, the unique characters that bring happiness and the gold and silver pearls combine for a cheerful fantasy! 

It is a lineup that can produce a very fun and nice festive scene. 

Fun to wrap, fun to open.

Fun to wrap, fun to watch.

Bring your luck with Takumiya's furoshiki!

Fuku Cociae is a series of popular lucky charms created in collaboration with the COCIAE design unit. Furoshikis have a simple color palette, but the unique characters and the gold and silver pearls are sure to bring happiness.

Perfect for wrapping wine bottles, stacked lunch boxes and cake boxes. 

The turtle shell motif is one of the oldest in Japan. The turtle is worshiped as an auspicious symbol of long life and luck, making it ideal for everyday use and for celebrating a variety of occasions.


Do you know why furoshiki is called this? 

It is because it was used in the bathroom (Furo).

In the Muromaci period (1336-1573), people went to the public bath, wrapped their clothes in a cloth with their family crest, so that they were not mistaken for someone else's clothes. And when they came out of the bathroom they spread it out under their feet and dressed in it.

Furoshiki is very useful.

Furoshiki wrapping cloth can be used in a variety of ways, regardless of the size or shape of the wrapped item.

Furoshiki can also be folded, can be used as a cape. Furoshiki can also be used as an eco-friendly bag. There are waterproof Furoshiki that can be used to carry water without the use of bottles! They can be used to protect valuables from water or when it rains!

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