Tapestry Stick For Tenugui



A wooden tapestry stick that hangs a tenugui towels.

Size: 400mm

Material: Wood


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A wooden tapestry stick that hangs a towel! Great for indoors!

Upholstery stick for towels! 

The history of the Tenugui

Tenugui is said to date back to the Nara period (710-794). In the Edo period (1603-1868), cotton cultivation began to flourish and Tenugui grew out of the cotton scraps used to make kimonos.

The Tenugui, made of cotton, was durable and easy to use, and it became widely used in people's lives.

There are many ways to use Tenugui. It could be used as a towel or handkerchief, worn on the head as protection from the sun or dust, or in an emergency it could be torn off and used as a bandage or to repair kimono footwear.

It can be cut to the desired length according to the use you want to make. The Tenugui cloth was also useful for hygiene as it dried quickly. The Tenugui was not only used for practical purposes, it was also an elegant fashion item in Edo.

With the passage of time, designs have changed, and modern designs, as well as classic designs from the past, have been used in a wide range of interior and fashion applications.

Tenugui useful - Features and benefits

Don't be fooled by the fact that Tenugui is just a square piece of fabric. Tenugui is very useful indeed. Tenugui is not cut in half. There is a good reason for this.

It is easy to dry and does not allow the accumulation of bacteria. Moisture evaporates easily, making it hygienic.

Even if it gets wet, it can hang and will dry quickly. With classic towels, however, it is difficult to dry and bacteria can proliferate easily.

The possibilities are endless, There are no rules for the Tenugui. You can use it! It can be decorated! It is perfect as a gift!

How to use the Tenugui

A pleasure to use. Made of 100% cotton, Tenugui is strong and long lasting.

The more you use it, the softer it becomes and the more comfortable it becomes on your skin.

When it gets old, you can use it to clean windows and floors.

It is slim and takes up little space.

The towel is the same size as a hand towel when spread out, but is compact when folded.

Ideal for travel, outdoor activities and sports.

Care instructions


When you wash your Tenugui for the first time, the color will fade. It is best to wash them separately from whites.

It is safer to wash in hot water, as it loses color easily.

Tenugui is sensitive to direct sunlight and fades quickly, so it's best to dry in the shade.

Even if you won't be using your Tenugui for a long time, you should run it in water before putting it away. This will prevent the fabric from spoiling during long-term storage.

Fringed edges

Tenugui has cut edges. The reason is that it dries quickly and is hygienic for everyday use.

At first, when you wash your Tenugui, you will see some loose threads, but you can trim the excess thread with a pair of scissors, and the fraying will disappear and the fringes will settle.

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